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Website Design & Development

We create responsive websites from the simple to the complex, based on your needs. We make them look great and function even better, so that you, your clients, and the search engines will be happy. We think you'll want to show your mom too.

Search Engine Optimization / Marketing

SEO and SEM are very important for good search engine rankings, so we put in place optimizations and can help with web marketing to enhance your website to get you better rankings ... which helps to get more traffic to your site ... which helps to get more dollars for your business.

Website Maintenance

We make web maintenance easy in two ways: (1) we can do it for you, or (2) we generally provide a CMS to enable easier maintenance for you ... either way, we are here to ensure that your website is up to date and available to your potential clients.

Custom Web Programming

Sometimes, clients have special features that are unique to their web service needs. Perhaps, company data that you want to make available to members, a calculator of some kind that gives your clients a better idea of value, or any number of features. We do custom programming, and can build what you need.

Hosting Plans

We offer a variety of hosting options ... from email to websites to web applications. We also offer hosting plans that include maintenance, security, backups, and more. We understand that not all clients are the same, so we make available different hosting arrangements to accommodate your needs.

WordPress Training

We have been using WordPress for years. We understand how to use it, how to manipulate it, and we even know how to "hook in" to customize the look and feel and behavior. If you are in need of some WordPress training, let us know ... we want to help make WordPress easy and fun.

Other Services

Because we are a full service web provider, we offer other services as well ... the lesser discussed, but equally as important, things. We offer domain management, copywriting, website monitoring, website security, and more.

What if you could feel at ease knowing that your web needs are covered?

You Can

our work

a sampling of our project works
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Metropolitan Publishing Co.

project image for Metro-Yellow.com
Project: Metro-Yellow.com

A data-driven search directory website serving several regions of Texas, with WordPress as the foundation, heavy customizations of the database, and custom features coded throughout.


Texas Claims & Consulting

project image for Marules.com
Project: Marules.com

WordPress conversion site and SEO have this customer on pages 1 and 2 in Google searches, and landing 3 projects grossing almost $40,000 in revenue ... all within two months of our SEO efforts.



project image for MindfulCollage.com
Project: MindfulCollage.com

WordPress blog site, SEO, and some web marketing to get the client's audience to the website and engaged.


American Friends of Guinea

project image for AFGuinea.org
Project: AFGuinea.org

WordPress multi-lingul site with donation capability, and custom features throughout.


Glenda L. Rice, MA, LPC

project image for ReachingCenter.com
Project: ReachingCenter.com

WordPress conversion site, utilizing a variety of custom templates and features to satisfy this highly creative licensed therapist.


Cruver, Robbins & Fu

project image for CruverLaw.com
Project: CruverLaw.com

WordPress conversion site, utilizing a custom-built attorney management feature, manageable by the client.


Resk Maritime Resources

project image for ReskResources.com
Project: ReskResources.com

A custom ASP.NET based CMS to enable this client to manage daily events of history, news, and page content.


Caring Friends

project image for CaringFriendsInDeed.com
Project: CaringFriendsInDeed.com

WordPress conversion site, utilizing a variety of features, including manageable project donations to enable this very charitable client the ability to get funding for a variety of projects.


Roman Law Firm

project image for RomanLawFirm.com
Project: RomanLawFirm.com

A custom ASP.NET based website conversion to enhance the overall design, including random digital imagery based on the client's own art collection.



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our goal is to create websites that look great, function even better, and improve our clients' web presence

Hey there, I'm Jason Rice, and I own and operate Wildrice Solutions. Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to learn just a little bit about us.

Wildrice Solutions was born in 2004. Since starting the company, my goal has been to create websites that look great, function even better, and improve my clients' web presence. We do this by providing outstanding services, utilizing talented partners, and listening to our clients' needs. This allows us to make better decisions, enabling us to help our clients be more successful with their online presence.

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